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Our Ceramic Coating product is a very thin, hard- wearing surface coating process that will not only give your stock cast parts a customised look in your choice of colours, but also helps protect them in four different ways. 

  1. Abrasion resistance and dry lubrication – Improves overall durability of surfaces and objects and has extreme wear resistance. Very low friction finish with anti-galling properties.

  2. Thermal barrier properties – Reduces thermal fatigue, insulates machine components from heat and so extends their life span, allows higher operating temperatures, and is fire resistant (zero flame spread) and heat tolerant up to 1500°C.

  3. Waterproof and chemical resistance – By providing a bonded layer, ceramic coatings are waterproof and impermeable. The effectiveness of these coatings against CUI is due to its adhesion, waterproofing and thermal barrier properties..

  4. Long-lasting – With superior adhesion, high levels of resistance to heat, chemicals, , wear, and impact, it is no surprise that ceramic coatings are some of the longest-lasting coating options available.

Q & A

Should i clean my parts before i ship?

Yes. Give them a good scrub with soap and water. Save $25 cleaning fee. 

What happens to my parts?

All parts that are to be ceramic coated will progress through 5 stages of preparation and cleaning prior to being coated.

How can i get started? 

1. Ship your parts to our address

2. Your parts will move through our process and come out looking amazing!

3. We ship back to the address you have sent from. 

4. Put your parts back on the bike! Your'e ready to GO! 

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